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COPAFS strives to:  increase both the breadth and depth of knowledge about developments affecting federal statistics; encourage discussion within and among professional organizations, enabling them to respond to important issues in federal statistics; and highlight the views of professional associations on pending decisions affecting federal statistical programs.

With the support of its members, COPAFS

  • Alerts members and stakeholders of important issues, through our Stakeholder Updates and action alerts on items that need immediate support and attention
  • Convenes meetings that facilitate conversation on important policy and research topics such as:
    • COPAFS Quarterly Meetings
    • FCSM Policy and Research Conferences
    • Stats for America Conference
    • Workshops on issues affecting federal statistics
  • Works closely with the Chief Statistician of the United States and the statistical agencies to help inform and promote modernization efforts, and to assist agencies in keeping abreast of new stakeholder data needs
  • Educates members of Congress and their staff on the value and importance of federal statistics — both in Washington and in their own states and districts
  • Supports adequate funding of federal agencies to produce high quality statistics
  • Builds broad support across a wide spectrum of data users, focused on promotion of the activities mandated in the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act
  • Builds partnerships with foundations to fund collaborations and research on issues relevant to official statistics.

COPAFS helps:

Professional associations and other organizations

    • obtain and share information concerning developments affecting federal statistical programs

Federal agencies

disseminate information about developments of interest to the professional community

    • obtain advice about professional societies’ concerns and priorities

Congressional offices

    • clarify issues and questions about the federal statistical system
    • plan hearings related to federal statistical programs
    • identify experts who might testify

The public

    • learn more about the federal statistical agencies
    • communicate the views of data users concerning federal statistical activities
    • learn how policy and budget are likely to affect the availability and quality of federal statistics.

By joining COPAFS, your organization will contribute to COPAFS’ mission of advancing excellence in federal statistics, and gain:

  1. Exclusive member events such as briefings with key officials in the statistical system
  2. Informative web content that includes taped recordings of our public quarterly meetings and our Monthly Stakeholder Update
  3. Assurances that the unique needs of your organization are communicated to the agencies that produce the statistics that you rely on.

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Organization Memberships

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